This is an important milestone for the country in its advancement in sustainable and electric mobility.

The Transport Decarbonization Alliance (TDA) is a collaboration between countries, cities and companies to accelerate the global transformation of the transport sector, with the goal of achieving a zero-emission mobility system by 2050.

Uruguay was invited to participate in this alliance and made its participation official in the Transport Forum Summit 2021, a virtual event that was organized by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In this instance, on May 21, the minister of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands, Stientje van Veldhoven, welcomed Uruguay to the Alliance, with the Industry, Energy and Mining minister, Omar Paganini who celebrated the introduction of the country to the alliance and affirmed: ¨we believe that collaboration between countries, cities and companies will accelerate the transformation of the transport sector towards an effective decarbonisation ”.

The minister highlighted the activity of the MOVÉS project for its contribution in promoting the incorporation of sustainable vehicles and the relevance of the H2U project, focused on green hydrogen. Both initiatives seek to take advantage of the country’s energy matrix, which today consists of 97% renewable sources, to transform mobility to clean technologies.

Participation in the TDA will enhance the activities of the country since in this alliance knowledge and experiences are shared to promote best practices among all members.

Thus, MOVÉS joined one of these instances, within the framework of the Transport Forum Summit 2021, where the project’s Mobility and Urban Planning specialist, Valentina Vincent, presented hes vision at the conference ¨Capitalizing the COVID momentum for Active Mobility¨. Additionally, Uruguay is part of the urban freight community of interest and will participate on a new Community to explore green hydrogen in transport.

The objectives of the TDA are:
● facilitating discussion on decarbonisation in the context of global, regional, national, local and corporate policy processes on transport and climate change;
● femonstrating that decarbonisation is technically feasible, economically attractive, and brings broad social and environmental benefits;
● advocating acceleration and engaging progressively a growing number of actors in ambitious
action on climate change by sharing experiences and best practices.

For more information, download the TDA manifesto here


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