What is this initiative about?

In partnership with UN Habitat, the Wuppertal Institute and SOLUTIONSplus, MOVÉS launched a call for local manufacturers of electric pedal-assist bicycles for delivery (cargo-bike type) and light electric utility vehicles (tricycles type). This initiative promotes the accumulation of local knowledge in these design and manufacturing processes, as well as their usage in last-mile logistics, with vehicles that are adapted to the specific needs of the country.

There was a call for local manufacturer applicants for both pedal-assisted cargo bikes and electric tricycles. Applicants have already been selected and the design and development process is currently ongoing. These vehicles of local manufacture will later be part of the technological test for companies.

How is it implemented?

MOVÉS was chosen in the call for “Local Innovators”, with funds from UN Habitat, to generate a program that promotes the manufacture and use of sustainable vehicles in last-mile logistics. Thus, Montevideo was one of the two Latin American cities, among nine others around the world, that was selected for the implementation of pilots that seek to test innovative and integrated electric mobility solutions, complemented by a wide range of tools, capacity development and activities replication. These pilots are coordinated at regional level by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy (WI) and the Urban Electric Mobility Initiative (UEMI), the coordinating organization of SOLUTIONSplus.

This opportunity arises from the joint collaboration between the MOVÉS Project and the SOLUTIONSplus Project, a consortium of 46 partners that includes highly committed cities, research centers, industry partners, city networks and United Nations organizations (UN-Habitat and UNEP).

During the manufacturing stage, MOVÉS partner entities provide technical assistance,. knowledge of the technologies and processes to the selected start-ups. The vehicles incorporation to the technological tests of MOVÉS seeks to promote their adoption and usage in companies that operate in transport, deliveries and last-mile logistics.

Who will be the local manufacturers?

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