What is the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Guide?

The goal of this initiative is to provide Subnational Governments with tools to incorporate mobility into their urban planning processes. This document seeks to strengthen coherence and convergence between land use planning, transportation and climate change policies, with adequate coordination within existing structures, planning tools and strategies.

The guide is developed in conjunction with the National Territorial Planning Division (DINOT-MVOT) and with the NUMP Uruguay Project (Euroclima + / GIZ, implemented in MA, MEF, MIEM, MTOP, MVOT), whose objective is to lay the foundations for a National Sustainable Urban Mobility Policy.

What can you find in the Guide?

This document brings together substantial concepts of mobility, the current car city model and its problems, and the new paradigm of sustainable urban mobility. It also explains the criteria and stages for a SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan), along with an infrastructure design guide for sustainable mobility.

Guide Sections

The Guide has four sections:

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